Sustainable Eco Tourism

Ecology professional presenting reef information to gueats

Capt. Trish gives us a great preview of the reef

What is Sustainable Eco Tourism?

Since the late 1970’s the Florida coral reefs have seen a 80% reduction in live coral coverage. Though the Keys reefs are one of the most researched reef tracts in the world, science is still fighting an uphill battle to contain coral decline. There are several coral studies that suggest that part of the answer for saving our reefs resides with responsible use by commercial excursion operators. Responsible use begins with an awareness of the negative human/coral interactions and structuring tours to accommodate sustainable practices. These sustainable practices are outlined via the UNESCO definition of Sustainable Tourism which Namaste Eco Excursions is proud to implement via the following precepts:

  • Small group excursions with at least one professional guide per three guests,
  • Strong focus on marine ecology via an engaging 30 minute presentation on reef creatures,
  • Destinations that are abundant with live coral and less prone to damage by human interaction, 
  • Strict adherence to proper “coral etiquette” by assisting guests with proper coral viewing.

As a result of our efforts practicing sustainability, our guest get a much higher quality experience which includes:

  • Positive encounters with reefs and reef inhabitants with far higher viewing of tropical fish, corals, and crustaceans, 
  • Positive “in-water” experience for our guests since our guides are always nearby assisting with the discovery process, 
  • Much more personal experience because of our extremely low guests to guide ratio.
  • Many more “in water” discovery opportunities since we promise at least 1 1/2 hours actively exploring coral reefs.

Help support Sustainable Eco Tourism by choosing your snorkeling excursion provider based on their dedication to protecting North America’s only barrier reef.


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Small Group Excursion: $129/guest

  • Small groups from 2 to 6
  • Water, snacks, equipment, and instruction included
  • Personal Eco-guide
  • Morning and afternoon excursions
  • Free underwater photography

Call (850) 525-9624 for additional information

Our Weather Cancellation Policy

On those unusual days, when both inshore and offshore conditions are too rough we will give you the following options:

  • Reschedule for a better weather day
  • Cancel your reservation and provide you with a full refund.


Private Day Trips: $799/guest

  • Can accommodate private groups up to 6
  • Soft drinks, snacks, equipment, and instruction included
  • Complementary picnic lunch
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Include a sunset excursion at no additional cost!

Call us direct at 850-525-9624 or 305-766-3518

Helmsman Training

What makes us so special:

We are very proud of our excursions and give 150% to all our guests. We are self-admitted coral “geeks” and proud of it. We love sharing our passion, and if authentic and responsible coral discovery is your thing, then we certaintly have just the trip for you.

We specialize in accommodating novices and are very adept with folks who may be a little skittish with the challenge of aquatic adventures.We customize each trip based on what we see and hear from you.

We never put anyone out in bad conditions. If the weather is not right for a trip, we work with you and plan around your schedule, so that you see the reef on an optimal day. For us, the bottom line is not the money in our pockets, but the smiles we see at the end of the day.

Our Promise

In the Far East where the sailing vessel Namaste’ (pronounced nah-mah-stay) was built, there is an ancient legend that says that royalty and even angels may pose as travelers. With this in mind, we offer the best of everything to our guests. At Namaste’ Sailing in Key West, Florida, we proudly follow this tradition, giving you the best we have to offer for your Key West snorkeling and sailing adventure:

Namaste Sailing specializes in custom sailing and power ecological adventures each carefully crafted to make your experience with us special, unique and most of all fun. Whether you are a Boy Scout troop form Iowa or a family on spring break, we can accommodate your passion for a quality, crowd free, sailing adventure in the beautiful Florida Keys. Please take the time to review our premier adventures and explore or website. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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